The Torchbearer’s Quest


As some of you may know, I carry a burden for the lost and the hurting. I have a passion and a calling for working with youth and hold a special place in my heart for those especially at-risk. I have seen too many amazing kids throw their lives away in an effort to receive even an ounce of attention, negative or otherwise. It has been my experience that an immense number of youth, this day and age, are crying out for someone to invest time, love, and faith in them. I have seen so many youth fall through the cracks… virtually drowning as others look on from the sidelines, not making the slightest effort to reach out and save them. I believe others truly want to help but don’t know the means to go about it. I don’t believe in lost causes and believe in every person lies undiscovered potential. I long to be a vessel and conduit of Christ’s love to those the Church has closed its doors upon and the world has deemed unworthy of love.

In an effort to bring hope to this demographic, I was inspired to write a YA fantasy adventure novel. The idea behind my manuscript was to create a story with spiritual undertones that could be appreciated in both Christian and secular markets. My desire is to present spiritual truths to this generation of youth through the art of story telling, in hopes of reaching an audience more inclined to check out the latest fantasy novel than to walk into a Christian bookstore.

I have spent many a quiet hour in solitary reflection, pondering over the intricacies of the clandestine spiritual realm. In many aspects, this spiritual world remains an abstract and distant concept, vague and at times undefined, but during these peaceful hours my mind drifts from the finite to the infinite. I began to contemplate a world where it is impossible to forsake the spiritual aspects of our lives. A world where spiritual warfare is at the forefront of existence – a tangible reality that can be seen as well as felt. It was with this vision that I endeavored to pen A Torchbearer’s Quest:

Following her parents’ brutal murders, Willow Payton learns of her true identity and is charged with the seemingly impossible task her parents failed to complete. Now the only surviving member of an elite race of protectors, her world stands at risk of falling into the hands of the Black Angel. Complicating matters, she and her two comrades are being shadowed by a mysterious cloaked figure that has the uncanny habit of showing up when things are at their gravest. To cap it all, Willow may well have put her trust in the very person who is trying to unravel their efforts from the inside out. Friendships will be tried, faith will be tested, and love will be lost, leaving Willow wondering if the cost of success is more than she can bear.

© Mandy Moore and confessionsofableedingheart, 2011-2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Mandy Moore and confessionsofableedingheart with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



2 thoughts on “The Torchbearer’s Quest”

  1. Jessica Adriel said:

    Are you publishing this yourself? Esh Media needs YA fiction. Give us a shout.


    • Steve Hutson from WordWise Media is my literary agent. We are currently seeking traditional publication as I am not looking to pursue self-publishing at this time. I will certainly give you a shout. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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