Journey to Publication


I am currently treading the chaotic waters of the publishing world – a very tedious and at times disheartening task. I discovered very quickly that without referrals or a previously published work agents, and by extension publishers, were less than eager to take a look at my manuscript. With the help of email, agents’ offices are flooded with innumerable unsolicited queries and it is just not realistic to assume that they have the staff to wade through all the slush. With this in mind, I came to the realization that establishing a platform  is just one of those necessary evils in life if publication is your dream. Without it I have little to no hope of being taken seriously in this competitive market.

My mom, an aspiring author, draws a comparison between herself and  Kathleen Kelly, owner of The Shop Around The Corner in You’ve Got Mail, and I can certainly relate. The little independent book store up against the mega chain store. We believe in our message and what we stand for but we’re being drowned out by the new flashy industry – where you’re nobody unless you know somebody. At the end of the day, I believe that I have something worthwhile to say and until I discover otherwise I will continue to work towards publication. This blog is my first step. It’s a small one but it may just be the one that gets the ball rolling.

Since the launch of my blog in December 2011, I have witnessed the power of social media with wonder and humility. After receiving a handful of generic rejections offering little in the way of direction, I was at a loss about how to proceed. I still believed in my work, but realized that I might be out of my element. I turned to social networking in effort to establish a platform and forge connections. A circle of published speculative fiction authors welcomed me with open arms. I soon realized that I had fallen victim to my own ignorance of the publishing world.

After reviewing samples of my work, they agreed that I had a story worth telling, but my novel was in dire need of a professional edit. One of these authors introduced me to his amazing editor and after considering my premise she agreed to tackle the challenge. We immediately set to work. A month of line by line editing, several revisions, and extensive trimming behind us, we were satisfied with the fruits of our labor.

With the foundation for a platform in motion and a newly edited manuscript ripe for the reading, I have begun the process of securing a literary agent. The journey has just begun and a lot remains to be seen but I am so excited to experience what God has in store for me along the way!




2 thoughts on “Journey to Publication”

  1. It’s good you made the right connections. Congratulations!


  2. I’m definitely trying! Thank you!


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