I’m adding my voice to the equation. I’m starting the conversation. You will meet no judgment here, only an open and empathetic heart.


My prayer is to be a voice for this generation of lost souls, acknowledging and personally relating to their legitimate struggles and fears. I strive to offer some level of hope, comfort and wisdom to a troubled and dying world.

Join me on this journey of healing and restoration.

Let us always remember: God is, and must always be, enough.


My entire life I have dangerously danced upon the ledge of depression, threatening to teeter over the edge with the slightest whisper of wind. Crippled under a self-inflicted burden. Each breath a reminder of a great debt owed. My existence consists of mountain top highs and valley lows. I have spent precious little time meandering the level meadows of life. I experience life from either the utmostst heights or from the rock bottom of the abyss.

As the body of Christ, we can hope and pray that the light of Christ will blot out the darkness that exists within each of us, but until all flesh dies and only perfected spirit remains we will struggle against the bonds of our humanity.

I have spent many years in youth ministry and it never fails, every time I share my struggles through my testimony a line of teens forms waiting to open up. They have been desperately waiting for someone to start the conversation. For someone to say that these fears and struggles don’t make you less Christian, they just make you human. For once not to feel judged or looked down upon or weak.

For too long, too many of these issues have been neglected due to their grim reality. In the light of society’s inevitable spiral downward, it’s about time we open our eyes. It’s time we stopped shying away and tackle head-on these issues afflicting so many. For all of you who have been waiting, I’m adding my voice to the equation. I’m starting the conversation. You will meet no judgment here, only an open and empathetic heart.

I invite you to be the change this world and these young ones so desperately need. Will you stand with me in this? Open your eyes to the lost and hurting. You won’t have to look very far.

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4 thoughts on “Bleeding♥Ministries”

  1. Thank you for daring to open your heart. As you say, there are so many needy souls, hurting, hoping to find someone who can understand and relate to them. May God prosper your ministry and extend your reach!


  2. Hey Mandy – I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to encourage you in your writing. I’ve been missing your posts and great poems. God Bless! JD

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    • JD,
      I can’t tell you just how much your encouragement means to me. I so appreciate it! I have only been back Stateside for a couple of months after serving in international ministry this past year. Once I get my feet back under me, I am very much looking forward to writing again. I’m happy to see your blog is still going strong. Thanks again for reaching out!
      In His Love,

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