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Crying Without Tears

Crying Without Tears (Photo credit: ~Aphrodite)

I’m caught up in red tape;

I just can not escape.

The torment and the pain,

That constantly detain,

Inflict so deep a burn,

There’s no time for concern.

To ponder and to sit,

Won’t make the pieces fit.

There’s too much on my plate;

I can’t outrun my fate.

A pawn in time’s cruel hands,

Can’t meet with life’s demands.

My heart has long withdrawn,

My will to live all gone.

My fears as if on cue,

Are all becoming true.

You say you wonder why,

You often see me cry.

My blood is on your hands –

These tears fall by command.

You said you had my back,

Instead you did attack.

It’s plain to all who see,

You are what’s killing me.

I put my trust in you –

I did not have a clue.

I’ve carried this too far;

My faith has left a scar.

Are people all the same –

All out to win a game?

A hunt for easy prey,

To use and toss away.

And left within the wake,

Are hearts about to break.

How did you pull me in?

A victim of your grin:

I laid my will aside,

I let your cunning slide.

One small misstep in time,

Began this fatal climb.

I have the right to hate –

This pain you wrought is great.

But still a part of me,

Does hope someday to see,

That there beneath the lies,

A shred of good defies.


Verse Of The Week:
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. – Romans 12:21
(Disclaimer: The great depths of my sorrow can only be justly compared to the impressive heights of my joy. If you stay tuned in long enough you’ll begin to see the silver ray of hope in even the darkest of my reflections.)

What I’m Reading:

Going Bovine by Libba Bray.