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(Photo Credit: viviandang)

There is an angel here on earth,

That I do wish I’d known from birth.

For in my shoes she too did walk;

She knew my pain before we talked.

She understood before we spoke;

Along with mine, her heart was broke.

I hate that I had lived so long,

In ignorance of her life’s song.

The moment that we two did meet,

My heart in tune with hers did beat.

Forever she will hold my heart,

No matter where our paths do part.

To know out there beneath the sun,

A heart with mine does beat as one,

Does give me strength to face each day,

And peace to say, “Do come what may.”

She thinks of me each time she prays,

And sends her thoughts and love my way.

A living symbol from above,

Reminding me of God’s great love.

My only hope and only aim,

Is that I can impact the same.

Verse Of The Week:
2 Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. – Hebrews 13:2
(Disclaimer: The great depths of my sorrow can only be justly compared to the impressive heights of my joy. If you stay tuned in long enough you’ll begin to see the silver ray of hope in even the darkest of my reflections.)

What I’m Reading:

Light: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant.