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Chains and Shadows

Chains and Shadows (Photo credit: karlequin)

A soul once lost,

Has found a home,

But for the cost,

She’d rather roam.

The price was paid,

With bitter pain.

Her fate was laid,

In pouring rain.

Within it’s grasp,

Fear drew her near,

And locked the clasp,

Releasing tears.

The hope she found,

Deceives at last –

A slave who’s bound,

In shadows past.

Her home – a cell;

The truth – her chains;

For demons dwell,

Behind her pains.

She’s lost once more –

Her heart’s a stone.

Her life’s a chore –

She’s all alone.

Verse Of The Week:
26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. – Psalm 73:26
(Disclaimer: The great depths of my sorrow can only be justly compared to the impressive heights of my joy. If you stay tuned in long enough you’ll begin to see the silver ray of hope in even the darkest of my reflections.)

What I’m Reading:

Greek Myths A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne.