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flight (Photo credit: k-girl)

Awakened with resolve;

The puzzle once unsolved,

No longer poses threat –

The last two pieces met.

This life is just too short,

To stay inside this fort,

To hide behind these walls,

Not answering the call.

This is no way to live;

Joy comes when we forgive.

Don’t follow my mistake –

Allow your heart to break.

A pile of shattered dreams,

Is more than what it seems.

It shows you once believed –

You sought what you conceived.

With each new breath we take,

Our future is at stake.

We must let down our guard,

Though we may feel it’s hard.

If we will bear our souls,

Our God will make us whole.

The more we gladly give,

The more we too shall live.

We can at last be free –

Embrace all that can be.

The reason why we’re here,

Can not be found in fear.

Our season has begun;

It’s time to greet the Son.

Each day is but a gift,

In life that’s all too swift.

There’s more than to survive;

Discover hidden drive.

Don’t spend tomorrow’s dime –

We may not have the time.

Instead live for today,

And place your fears at bay.

Accept the good and bad,

The happy and the sad.

We can break down these walls,

And learn from one and all.

With death there comes new life,

With joy are times of strife.

A wave to shore is tossed,

And just as soon is lost.

A breeze that once was blown,

Can never more be owned.

A flower surely fades,

As quickly as it’s made.

But in moments so brief,

One forms lasting belief.

Atonement can be found;

The evidence abounds.

A lesson from within,

Of long forgiven sin.

In time we will be healed,

Of all this pain we feel.

Our tears will melt away;

There comes a brand new day.

We have a choice to make:

Shall we but give or take?

There is a truth we hide.

Why not let us confide?

Let’s choose to show our hand,

Let’s choose to make our stand.

Let’s build on solid ground,

In hands so safe and sound.

A leap is what it takes;

It’s time to make or break.

The difference is between,

The hidden and the seen.

Let’s make a conscious choice,

And dare to raise our voice.

It’s time to raise a hand,

And face what life demands.

We march prepared to fight,

For what we know is right.

Don’t let love slip away –

It’s worth the price we pay.

Set forth in blind pursuit;

Allow passion its root.

At least give hope a try –

Don’t be left asking “Why?”

Nothing is out of reach;

In prayer do beseech.

For faith lies at the core,

And opens doors to more.

To truth you must cling tight,

With all your strength and might.

The goal is still in sight:

Your soul longs to take flight.

Verse Of The Week:
When a man’s ways are pleasing to the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at
peace with him. – Proverbs 16:7

What I’m Reading:

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr.