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(Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

There rings an echo from the mountain tops;

From rock to rock the sound of laughter hops.

A girl in white does sit upon the porch;

Her eyes reflect the glitter of the torch.

As shadows dance across the mountain view,

The sky’s a canvas splashed with every hue.

So eager for the fellowship night brings,

The blood within her veins begins to sing.

She’ll count the stars until her heart’s content,

Reflecting on just what this day has meant.

But tears will not surrender to her will;

They find her in the moments when she’s still,

Reminding her she’s just begun her climb –

Her past will come to knock all in due time.

The doubts within her soul like waters rise –

The forces of this world must claim their prize.

In life a girl can only take so much –

For far too long she’s leaned upon this crutch.

The looking-glass does lend her fear its face;

It’s seen it all – the lines she can’t erase.

Her flesh once kissed by summer’s brilliant rays,

Remains unseen and mourns the light of day.

It weaves a tale of secrets old and new –

From just one thin red line their numbers grew.

At first there truly was no greater goal,

But one by one they seemed to make her whole.

The feel of steel became her only friend;

The flow of blood became the means to end.

Without a home she claimed a stall her own –

Her secret life remained a world unknown.

Her pain and fear did drive her to the brink –

Her need for love met in a crimson sink.

Today was meant to be her last goodbye;

The note read simply, “Please, just let me die.”

Within her hand she gripped the deadly dose –

Just then a man appeared and pulled her close.

His love for her shone through his tear-filled eyes;

His voice held freedom from the Devil’s lies.

His life for hers was offered in exchange;

Her view of self, he came to rearrange.

His tender touch did wipe away her tears;

He took her hand and with it all her fears.

She woke today intending to depart,

Instead of death, she met with a new start.

From here on out she’ll face each day that comes;

She’ll cast away the blade that only numbs.

This moment marks the point of turn around;

Her brand new life begins with freedom found.

Verse Of The Week:
12 With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies. – Psalm 60:12

What I’m Reading:

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr.