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Rain, Rain and More Rain

Rain, Rain and More Rain (Photo credit: Elizabeth Albert)

Each step that I do make,

Will forge the path I take.

Each choice that must be made,

Is stone that must be laid.

One moment changes all,

One breath can cause a fall.

In the span of a blink,

One is thrown out of sync.

In this breath we call life,

We will feel pain and strife.

The storms don’t pick and choose,

For anyone can lose.

The sky lets loose the squall,

And rains upon us all:

The good as well as bad,

The happy and the sad.

The tempest may bombard,

And catch us off our guard.

So take what life does give,

And all the rest forgive.

This life is not our own –

This body but a loan.

Let’s rise and greet the day,

With hope and strength to say,

“For good or bad, today,

Do come whatever may.”

Verse Of The Week:
He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. – Matthew 5:45

What I’m Reading:

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss.