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Hour Glass

Hour Glass (Photo credit: Ömer Ünlü)

To see me one more time,

Would that be such a crime?

If I could just remind,

Would he then change his mind?

Would just another dance,

Then offer second chance?

Would just a single kiss,

Then show him what he’d miss?

These questions fog her head,

As she lies down to bed.

How many can relate,

And fear it’s just too late?

But that’s what makes life great,

There is a greater fate.

It might not be too late,

If you can learn to wait.

All this life has in store,

May be worth waiting for.

Not always what you’d think,

May be the missing link.

This life keeps perfect time,

Our God’s a God of rhyme.

Our view in life is small,

Our God, He sees it all.

He watches from above,

He guides us with His love.

Though we don’t understand,

God has a master plan.

We find ourselves so trapped,

In living lives we’ve mapped.

But when we reach the end,

Life’s not what we intend.

We try to work it out,

That’s not what life’s about.

The hands of time do flow,

It’s time for us to grow.

Let life be as it may,

It might just make your day.

Verse Of The Week:

11 But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations. – Psalm 33:11

What I’m Reading:

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell